Watlow Cable / Coil Heaters Malaysia

The versatile Watlow cable heater can be formed to a variety of shapes as dictated by its many applications. Cable heaters are small diameter, high performance units, fully annealed and readily bent to a multitude of configurations.The heater can be formed into a compact coiled nozzle heater for use on plastic injection molding equipment supplying a full 360 degrees of heat with optional distributed wattage. A straight cable can snake through a sealing bar in packaging equipment. Flat spiral configurations are used in semiconductor manufacturing while a star wound cable is used for air and gas heating.
 Performance Capabilities
  • Continuous operating temperatures to 650°C
  • High ductility allows the heater to be cold-formed into almost any shape.
  • Diameter from 0.0040" (1mm) to 0.188" (5mm)
  • Internal construction options allow internal thermocouples and no-heat sections.
  • Cable heaters can operate in unusual environments, including cryogenic and sub-freezing temperatures, high vacuum, and gaseous and liquid immersion conditions.
  • Plastic injection molding nozzles
  • Semiconductor manufacturing and wafer processing
  • Hot metal forming dies and punches
  • Sealing and cutting bars
  • Medical, analytical and scientific instruments
  • Cast in heaters
  • Laminating and printing presses
  • Air heating
  • Heating in a vacuum environment

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