Leister TRIAC AT Hot Air Tool

The new LEISTER TRIAC AT is an intelligent yet robust hot air tool for plastic welding and plastic shrinking. It is designed for the needs of even the most demanding professional hand tool. The TRIAC AT incorporates an ergonomic design, secure handling and a modern look.
  • Everything easily: Intuitive handling with proven «e-Drive» operating unit.
  • Everything in view: Clearly visible information on the large «e-Drive» display.
  • Everything automatically: The set temperature reaches its level automatically, voltage fluctuations are compensated.
  • Everything under control: The temperature measurement by thermocouple probe guarantees a precise temperature.
  • Everything flexible: The air volume can be adjusted independently.
TRIAC AT - 230 V / 1600 W / EU-plug
Article No.: 141.314
Attribute Unit Value
Voltage V~ 230
Power W 1600
Temperature °C 45 - 620
Size (L x ∅) mm 335 × 90
Handle ∅ mm 56
Weight kg 1
Conformity mark   CE Certification
Approval mark   Sicherheitszeichen-S-+
Protection class II   Schutzklasse II


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