• Heat output and air volume steplessly adjustable with potentiometer
  • Integrated power electronics
  • Protection against heating element or device overheating
  • Brushless blower motor
Its brushless motor ensures that this hot-air blower has a long service life. The air volume now can be set infinitely up to 900 l/min (31.8 cfm) via the potentiometer. The wide range of applications makes the new HOTWIND PREMIUM truly impressive: be it as a unit with integrated control or as a unit for integration, in a closed-loop control circuit, using a system interface.

Technical Data

DetailsHOTWIND PREMIUM - 230 V / 3100 W / EU-Plug++

Article No. *142.608*

Attribute Unit Value
Voltage V~ 230
Power W 3100
Max. air outlet temperature °C 800
Weight kg 2.3
Air volume (20°C) l/min 200 – 900
Pressure kPa 1.0
Noise emission level dB(A) < 70
Size (L × B × H) mm 332 × 106 × 179
Conformity mark   CE Certification
Approval mark   Sicherheitszeichen-S-+
Protection class II   ProtectionClass II

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