Process Heating (Hot Air Blower)

Process Heating (Hot Air Blower)
Leister hot air technology: proved thousands of times

*prewarming and heating, shrinking, welding, activating or detaching,
*igniting and burning, removing, separating or fusing, pasteurizing and sterilizing, *smoothing and shining, accelerating, dissolving, connecting, simulating, de-icing, *inspecting

Leister hot air systems are deployed in countless industrial production processes. There is hardly an industry, which does not profit from diverse advantages offered by our product portfolio - whether through cost-effectiveness or because many processes simply become more efficient with hot air.

Food Industry: To make sure that candy looks as good as it tastes, it is smoothed after production using precisely controlled hot air from Leister. Coffee is roasted with hot air from Leister. to ensure high quality roasting, the temperature is precisely controlled. Thanks to Leister, the PE-coated milk carton can be dried, sterilized and welded.

Paper Industry: Freshly printed paper - from simple labels to banknotes - is often dried with hot air after printing to ensure high print quality while enabling faster processing speeds.

Automobile Industry: To permanently attach interior panels and plastic trim, plastic rivets have to be heated and the rivet heads formed with cold dies. Using several Leister LE MINIs, the individual rivets can be heated simultaneously with pinpoint precision.

Brewing and Beverage Industry: Shrinkable plastics are increasingly replacing metal caps. A Leister HOTWIND or an LHS series air heater with the appropriate blower supplies the reflector with hot air.

Cosmectics Industry: Hot air is used in several stages during the production of lipstick. For example, to give the lipsticks a gloss finish. Afterwards, a plastic film is shrunk onto the product using hot air during packaging.

Logistics Industry: To ensure the stack holds, a PE shrink film cover is placed over it and shrunk using a Leister hot air blower.


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