Mini 160 Supra

An ideal welding machine for drainage pipes up to Ø160mm. It consists of a machine body with a pressure regulating device, a pair of clamps, two lateral supports, an electrically controlled milling cutter for levelling the ends of the pipe and/or fitting with a safety microswitch, an extractable heating plate with automatic device to control the temperature, a sliding support and heat protection grid, a steel case that acts as a work bench and cover when transporting the machine. The VR 160 SUPRA can weld fittings such as bends, tees and branches without the need for any additional equipment.
  • Machine body with a milling cutter, lateral supports and services spanners;
  • TP 200 TF plate;
  • Lower right (half) clamp Ø160 SUPRA
  • Lower Left (half) clamp Ø160 SUPRA
  • Frame;
  • Steel case complete with extractable upper jaws SUPRA
    Ø 40 - 160mm, lower (half) clamps and lateral supports adapters
    Ø40 - Ø125mm (Ø56 and 140mm on request).

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